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Harvesting Capabilities, Inc., a 501(c)3 for people with disabilities in Miami County, has successfully  raised funds to provide playground equipment, surfacing and labor for our all-inclusive playground.   Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful community, we cut the ribbon in September 2019!   HC Park is located west of Miami’s Fort on the River Walk in Peru. 

This is a special place where children of ALL abilities can play with ALL children, laugh, learn and grow .  

HC PARK - Built For ALL Children of ALL abilities!



These disabilities and special needs range from children who are confined to a wheelchair to those who have physical, sensory, vision, hearing, and autistic challenges. 

Many special Needs children are isolated and are left out of many activities and events because of their disabilities. Play is crucial for human health and development, growth of social skills and self-confidence. The playground offers play experiences for ALL children – and benefits their care givers and family members. 

The need in our Community is Real - We filled that need!


The need for an all-inclusive playground in our area is great. According to the Indiana Department of Education, the Peru Community School system has 14.7% special needs students enrolled, North Miami has 17% special needs and Maconaquah has 16.3%. This equates to over 850 children just in our three-school systems, plus the many home-schooled children, their care givers and their families, who would benefit greatly from an all-inclusive playground. These disabilities and special needs range from children who are confined to a wheelchair to those who have physical, sensory, vision, hearing, and autistic challenges. 

YOU helped us Pave the Way!


We sold commemorative bricks to help fund the park and Integrity Lawnscapes designed and installed the beautiful walkway.  This walkway will be enjoyed by families for years to come. 

Thank you to all the families, churches,  businesses, schools, service organizations, and many individuals who contributed to HC Park by buying bricks.  

More pictures of the walkway are on our Facebook Page - "HC's All-Inclusive Playground."

We all enjoy the park - even our volunteers!


  We had our "grand opening" play date near Halloween and lots of the kids were in costumes to add to the fun!  Our volunteers got to enjoy a wonderful day, too!  This specially equipped playground is designed to include activities and experiences for children of ALL abilities…it encourages involvement with others, helps them to discover new things,  Helps makes new friends,  and learn to overcome their challenges, and learn compassion and empathy for others. 

A child in a wheelchair can experience a swing, a vision-impaired child can climb and slide safely, and families can play together with their special needs child on a playground - maybe for the first time ever. 

HC PARK Equipment


The Omnmi-spinner has fast become a favorite at HC Park!   AAA State of Play has carefully thought-out, designed and planned this fun playground for special needs children. 

 It consists of 5 pieces of equipment...

1)  Custom Charles Mound - a large 7-pod structure of ramps and adventure platforms and slides

2) Wheelchair platform swing with self-swinging mechanism

3) Omni-Spinner  - a specially designed, safe merry-go-round with molded seats

4) Rockwell Teeter Duo and 

5) Poseidon's Hideout - a molded structure for climbing and hiding.